Russia’s Alien Nations

Volume 1:

The Secret Identities of Post-Socialism


Unidentified Russian Objects

“He’s Russian. That Explains a Lot”

Dancing Bear, Bring Me My Vodka!

Philosophical Moving Pictures

Self-Hatred and Melancholia

Russians on the Verge of a Nerdish Breakdown

Fantastic Beasts and Where Not to Find Them

Undocumented Aliens

A Hothouse Flower in a Communal Apartment

UFOs after the USSR

A Hero of Someone Else’s Time

The Soviet Union in the Twenty-First Century

Neoliberalism and Other Dirty Words

What Was Postsocialism, and What Comes Next?

Chapter 1:

Soviet Self-Hatred:

The Rise and Fall off the Sovok

Very Nice!

It’s Raining New Men

Old Dogs and New Ticks

New Men in Love

The New Soviet Man and His Gerontologist

The Descent of Soviet Man

Homo Sucker

The Dustpan of History

A Sovok Is a Person, Place or Thing


Dressing for Failure

Selling the Cherry Orchard

“I’ll Buy the Wife Some Boots”

We Won’t Always Have Paris

Cattle Call

Watching the Defectives

A Coat of Not Many Colors: The Vatnik

The Vatnik Ate My Baby!

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Chapter 2:

Whatever Happened to the New Russians?

Late to the Party

Secret Origins of the New Russians

Words Fail Us

Who Were the New Russians?

Is a Crocodile Longer Than It Is Green?

Soviet Bullshit and New Russian Spell-Casting

Loved Labours Lost

No Class

The Road to Serfdom

The New Russian and the American Psycho

Jokes and the New Russian Body

Raspberry Jackets of the Rich and Loathsome

Bad Taste, Revisited

The New Russian in the Rearview Mirror

Articles of Incorporation

Loving the Leviathan

Rich Man’s Burden

We Need a (Rich) Hero

The Man Who Has Everything

Moving Beyond Money

Aristocrats from Outer Space

Born This Way

Chapter 3: 

Russian Orc:

The Evil Empire Strikes Back 

Sauron Does Moscow

Creatures of Light and Darkness

Sith Lords of the World, Unite!

Evil Empire: Love It or Leave It

The Fellowship of the Wrong

The Abuses of Enchantment

There and Back Again

How to Read Like an Orc

The Hobbit Menace


Orcs Online

The Orc-Song of Mikhail Y. Elizarov

Off the Reservation

The Tank Drivers of Mordor

Orknash: Supporting the Home Team

Salting the Earth

A Song of Orcs and Trolls

The Fandom Menace

Chapter 4:

Snatching Babies from an Unfit Motherland:

Transnational Adoption and the Biopolitical Imagination


Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

Russia’s Alien Nations: 

Volume 2



Unstuck in Time

Chapter 1:

The Accidental Tourists of Russian History 

Chapter 2:

Our Soviet Present

Chapter 3: 

Our Medieval Future

Chapter 4


The Whole World is Russian

Chapter 5:

The Present as Palimpsest


No Future

Russia’s Alien Nations: 

Volume 3

On Soviet Melancholia


The Cartography of Loss

Chapter 1:

News from Nowhere:

Global Russians and the Geopolitics of Utopian Diaspora

Chapter 2:

Putin Sings the Blues:

Mapping the Russian World

Chapter 3: 

Travel Narrows the Mind

Chapter 4.

When the Sleeper Wakes:

Spies in the House of Putin


The Aleph of Sochi,


The Olympics at the End of Time