Provisional Table of Contents

Introduction: Unidentified Russian Objects

“He’s Russian. That Explains a Lot”

Dancing Bear, Bring Me My Vodka!

Philosophical Moving Pictures

Self-Hatred and Melancholia

Russians on the Verge of a Nerdish Breakdown

Fantastic Beasts and Where Not to Find Them

Undocumented Aliens

A Hothouse Flower in a Communal Apartment

UFOs after the USSR

A Hero of Someone Else’s Time

The Soviet Union in the Twenty-First Century

Neoliberalism and Other Dirty Words

What Was Postsocialism, and What Comes Next?

Chapter 1: Soviet Self-Hatred: The Rise and Fall off the Sovok

Very Nice!

It’s Raining New Men

Old Dogs and New Tricks

New Men in Love

The New Soviet Man and His Gerontologist

The Descent of Soviet Man

Homo Sucker

The Dustpan of History

A Sovok Is a Person, Place or Thing

Who Is Mr. Sovok?

Chapter 2: Whatever Happened to the New Russians?

Chapter 3: Russian Orc: The Evil Empire Strikes Back 

Chapter 4: The Accidental Tourists of Russian History

Chapter 5: RussoFuturism